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Welcome to our site.

We are so glad you are here, and we are excited to share with you some of our crazy stories from the road.

We are Tom and Lori Casey, its hard to say where this story began, We could go back to when we used to walk home together in 1st grade, or when we dated through Jr. High, or when we were reunited and married at a class reunion back in 1986. But all of those options would make for an awful lot of work trying recreate the past,  and this site really is meant to capture our current adventure.

So we will start in June of 2013. Lori and I had become empty nesters, we had 3 grown kids and 4 grandkids, all of whom you will meet through this site at one time or another. I had been employed as a sales person in the insurance industry for over 25 years and I was doing part-time sales in the construction industry on nights and weekends.

 Lori was a para professional in our local school district, as well as doing office work for a local restaurant. We lived in a pretty big house in a great neighborhood. We where working hard to sustain our life style. I was looking for a career change, and Lori was truthfully just working for our health insurance coverage, and not all that excited about her position. Although she did enjoy working with the special ed. younger kids, and giving back where she could.

In June of 2013, I was offered a chance to go to work with a start up high tech communications companies. I would be doing sales and starting with a very exciting company on the ground level. I still appreciate the opportunity. In February of 2014, the start-up company I had left my 2 jobs for, announced they where taking all sales out of house, and laid off the entire sales force they had put together less than a year prior.

So I was in a position of start over in the sales industry and build a new book of business from scratch, which I had done a couple of times in my life, or leave the whole suit and tie office / cubicle world behind.

Although it was actually a lot more complicated than I am stating here, one day we began to question if:

# 1, we were enjoying our work, and

# 2 was it really worth working as hard as we were to pay high taxes, high energy bills, and spending as much time as we were on the maintenance and upkeep of our home.

I personally was looking for some sort of change, and Lori is always game for a new adventure. Oddly, 3 times over that 18 month period I had run into people who brought up husband and wife truck driving teams. The first and second time I really didn’t listen, because….really….. Lori and I driving an 18 Wheel Semi cross country???  This was not something even for us to consider.

For some reason the third time it came up, I listened and started asking questions. It struck enough interest in me that I went home and started looking up info on the internet about husband wife team drivers. Lori and I have always loved to travel, and actually the travel that we did through our lives is a big part of the reason we are not quite as ready for retirement as we should be. So an option were we could travel all over the US and get paid for it intrigued me.

I decided to talk to Lori about the profession, knowing full well that she would laugh me out of the kitchen and never consider leaving our home for weeks on end in lieu of work and adventure.

To my utter shock, she was mildly interested in the prospect. This is my adventuresome wife of 25 plus years, who travels 2 times a year out of the country with her mom and sisters, and at least once a year with her long time girlfriends. She also snow ski’s, water ski’s, snowmobiles, motorcycles, hikes, and bikes, she has bungee jumped. and parachuted out of perfectly good airplanes. So to her a new adventure, where we could get paid to travel, and be able to cut our overhead expenses to a minimum, sounded like something worth looking into.

Long story short, we ended up in the Heavy Metal Truck Driving School, and after 3 months had our Class A driver License. In the meantime we had done a lot of research ( I mean a lot)  into who to go to work for, and once we decided on a company we Left together for our orientation, and it was…. “let the games begin”.

You will find pictures, maps and stories of our adventure. You should be able to ding us at where are we, and see where we have been in the past week or so. I will be adding onto the site as we go.

Currently there is some of our stories and some actually emails that I sent over the first year to our friends and family. Hopefully our picture  section is up and our video log is running very soon.

You are more than welcome to follow us or comment on our site. I will respond to all messages, as soon as possible, but remember I am a truck driver now, not a sales man so my responses may take a little time.

Thanks for spending time with us Tom and Lori Casey

Semiretirednotesfromtheroad tomandloricasey.com


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