01-26-15 #15 New Years, San Francisco and wine Country

#15 Semi Retired Notes from the road


January 2015 01-26-15

Happy New Year

It seems like every time I start one of these I am apologizing for not writing in a while, and then explaining why. You’ll love this month’s excuse. We bought ourselves a new computer, and when I loaded up the word processing program (Microsoft Office) I loaded it in Spanish, so I couldn’t figure out how to use the darn thing. Besides the fact that spell check was in Spanish and all other directions as well.

At any rate it is 2015 “Happy New Year to you all. We hope you all had a great holidays. Ours was wonderful, and busy as ever. We were in town for about 10 days, and all of them were packed with friends and relatives. It was great to spend time with them all.

We headed out on the road on January 1st at about 10 in the morning, we were told that we had an emergency run to pick up in Chicago and head down to Patterson California with a load of clothing for Kohls. We really wanted to stick around a few more days, but when duty calls as they say. We drove straight through to Patterson Making it in about 40 hours or very early (3AM) Saturday Morning. When we arrived at the warehouse, we were able to drop the trailer, but were told the warehouse was basically closed until Monday.  So there is no reason that we had to leave for at least another day or 2.

Then to put salt in the wound, we were told there probably wouldn’t be anything else to haul until after the weekend. We definitely could have stayed home a couple of more days and accomplished the same thing.


So Lori and I decided to make the best of the situation and parked the truck at a Truck stop in Tracy Ca, and rented a car and headed into San Francisco for a day or 2. We visited the Golden Gate Park, which was beautiful, and contained a couple of museums, and amphitheater, a Japanese garden, an unbelievable observation tower, and many other attractions. The whole reason we went there however was to get a couple of good pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. One would think you should be able to see the Golden Gate Bridge from the Golden gate park… but NO!!


We then drove across the bridge, and visited the coast guard station under the bridge, and headed onto Sausalito. To finish the day off we spent the night down at Fishermen’s wharf, walking the shops and had dinner at the original Fishermen’s Grotto on Pier 39..  Ok Ok Actually to finish the day off we went to Ghirardelli, Square and treated ourselves to some Chocolate..

20150105_152812 20150105_152002

So the New Year’s resolution diets lasted about 72 hours!!

The next day we visited the Lodi valley wine country and stopped into a couple of wineries and tasting rooms.  We were driving the semi-tractor that day, so Lori actually was the only one that got to taste. When we pulled into the Woodbridge Winery in Lodi Valley, I drove up to the shipping and receiving gate with our semi-tractor. The guard asked me what we were here to pick up. When I told him we just wanted to take the tour and stop in the wine tasting room, the look I got was priceless. He was nice enough to find us a place to park our truck, as were the other wineries.  It is off season, and we had an opportunity to talk with a few of the employees, and get a feel for what it was like to work at a winery. Super Fun Day.

20150104_191016 20150104_202523

Otherwise we have been truckin, we did get home last weekend for just a couple days. It was fun to get a few winter activities in. We spent some time at the Excelsior Brewery, and the Fat Tire Bike race on Lake Minnetonka, and then had an opportunity to watch Mikaela play some broomball over at Lord Fletchers. We also attended a retirement party for our friend Steve.  We were actually in town for a job interview.

We were recruited by another carrier, but I will fill you in on that as it pans out.

Again happy New Year to you all and we hope your New Year’s resolution’s lasted longer than ours did


Tom and Lori

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