The Adventures of a husband and wife trucking team.

2015 is beginning as a year of change. Ok same as the last 3 or 4 years, but at least we now feel as though we may have some control of our direction.

The old saying that “man makes a plan and God laughs” has always seemed to play high in our lives, but this year begins with us at least on a path that we planned,

In this section you can:

  1. Look up actual letters to friends and family in the “Notes from the road section”

  2. See pictures and recaps from our travels in the “Picture Gallery

  3. Read stories and details about trucking in a husband and wife “Stories from the Road” Section

We hope you enjoy surfing our site.

We also hope you will like us on Facebook , or any other social media you use.

Feel free to drop us a note, we will respond as soon as we notice the note.


Tom and Lori

Semiretired ( Get it Semiretired….. Semi Truck..  Pretty funny HUH??)


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