#7 April 19th 2014 Easter Notes from Lori


April 19th

Hi All,

Everything is going great. Lori is on her way or maybe in Long Beach Ca. hauling stuff for Amazon.com She is well over 2/3rds of her way done with training. I should finish my 150 hours of behind the wheel tonite. The bad news is I will be in Laredo TX, so I will be in a truck for a couple of more days heading back to Springfield Oh. to do my final testing, and hopefully get everything together and go find my wife

Just a quick story…. a copy of an Email, Lori sent me last week, that I do not have permission to send on but I am, and a couple of Pictures.

I started with my new trainer yesterday, when I met him he wanted to go get something to eat, and said he had been craving Buffalo Wild Wings, we had to drive about 15 miles out of our way to get to one. We could have gone to any restaurant, we could have sat at any table, and even if I would have sat at the table I did and not in the seat I did, I never would have had the view that I did. I took a quick picture and it is below, I am taking it as a sign.

Lori’s email was sent to me last week, it is pretty self explanatory.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Lori Rae Casey <tomandloricasey.com>
Date: Fri, Apr 11, 2014 at 7:31 PM
Subject: Life on the road….,
To: Tom cell <semiretirednotesfromtheroad@tomandloricasey.com>

Things I am thankful for……

-Beautiful scenery
– purple trees that line the highway
-this fabulous opportunity
– my husband, only a phone call away
– egg mcmuffins and frosty malts
– friends and family-a phone call or email away
– a super comfy bed
-nice showers at truck stops
– I’m almost half way done with my 150 driving hours
– God’s protection

The real reason for this message was to wish you all a happy Easter, and to thank those of you that have kept us in your prayers as we wrap up the trainging phase of our new life together, we are both feeling very blessed

All our Love

Tom and Lori

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