#4 4/6/2014 2:28:37 PM


4/6/2014 2:28:37 PM

Hi All

I am just south of Cleveland, we have been running automotive parts for GM between Batavia NY (just west of Buffalo) to a plant in Parma (Cleveland) and a plant in St Louis. Man those assembly plants are amazing places.. I guess there is some sort of plant shut down, so we are running parts back and forth to keep the one plant in St Lois running.

I have been shut down since last night here, because I basically am out of hours to drive, the DOT (U.S Department of Transportation) only lets us drive 70 hours in 8 days, and then if we take 34 hours off, the clock gets resets, so I can start hitting it hard again in the morning. I am staying in a Motel 6, not the greatest place, but the company put us up here, because we are shut down until the plant in Parma Ohio, just 6 miles from here, opens on Monday morning. Then onto Batavia again and further to Rochester NY

The nice thing about the whole day is I was able to get a great night’s sleep last night, and get my laundry done…………..ahhhh fresh socks, (it’s the little things out here). This morning I got up and walked a mile or 2 to a community church here, for the morning service, so I got a little exercise both physically and spiritually…. I needed both! I then found a walking path through a nature reserve, and put a little walking time in there as well. After that I went over to the Wal Mart, and did some people watching, errrr I mean shopping. I am looking forward to another good nights sleep.

I still am missing my wife terribly, if she were here it would be great to run into downtown Cleveland to see the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and walk the shores of Lake Erie. But that will have to wait to we are together again. Hopefully less than 3 weeks from now. But it appears as though its possible that this will all work out as planned. (not to jinxs it)

2 last things, Lori has been having some trouble with her text messages, so if she has not answered one of your texts please try again, or leave her a voice mail, or drop her an email, lorircasey@gmail.com

I also wanted to add that if you have heard from anyone that they are not getting the updates and they want too, just send me a note and I will add them to the list. I heard from my wing man that some people are taking it personally that they are not on the mailing list…. Sorry, I am happy to add anyone that wants to hear from us to the list. I won’t mention any names, but sorry Quick Draw, you should have been on the mailing list from the beginning, the gift you gave me prior to leaving town I can truthfully say is getting used nightly!!

Thanks to the Stenson Boys and my wing man for getting my snowmobiles put away

Ok, one quick story, I’m in a truck stop in West Virgina and this kind of shabby dirty drunken guy comes up to me and in a back woods accent says, “I am lookin for a ride to the next truck stop”, I apologized and explained that I could not do that because of company rules, and got in the truck with my trainer. Later in a completely separate conversation I told my trainer “I had never met a hillbilly”, he answered “ remember the guy at the truck stop?, cross meeting a hillbilly off your bucket list”

Tom and Lori


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