#2 April 2nd 2014


April 2nd 2014

Hi Guys,

I think its Wednesday Morning, I think I am in Limon Ohio, (close to Colombus) and I am pretty sure my wife is in Little Rock… Not so sure if I am in Central or East coast time, so I can only nail the time down to with in an hour os so.

So much has happened that its all sort of a whirlwind, and I am in an absolute blur!!

So since my last email, We both got “official Job offers, and got put into training, Here is how that panned out.

On Friday about 3 in the afternoon, we received our official hire paperwork, and contact numbers for our training coordinators. Since it was so late in the day on Friday, I assumed that Lori and I were in for a long relaxing weekend at the Laquinta in Chicago…………..WRONG!!!

First Lori called her coordinator who hooked her up with a trainer out of Little Rock Arkansas. At that point she is suppose to call the trainer and make arrangements to meet. Our orientation manager, and one of the kind of big shots for USX in Chicago, got together with Lori and sort of took her under his wing. They set up a plan for Lori to call the guy “yes male” that she would be training and traveling with for the next month. The set up was to tell the poor guy that the Chicago branch manager and Lori were old family Friends, and that is why she trained in Chicago, that way the guy would know to mind his P’s and Q’s, So Lori calls the guy and his southern drawl is so strong she can barely understand him, as the conversation was going on the manager said to Lori, let me talk to him, and he got on the phone and asked him about his truck and his training history and then told him he was watching this training personally, and that Lori would be checking in with him personally because they were old family friends. !!! A very nice gesture on his part to protect Lori and keep her feeling safe. Next step was to call transportation, They scheduled Lori to go out the next morning (Saturday) on a greyhound bus to Little rock, a 20 hour ride………… Huh!! so much for my lazy, romantic weekend with my wife!! She would go to little rock and then onto Clinton and wait for her trainer who would pick her up today.

Lori's Trainer Mark from Little Rock
Lori’s Trainer Mark from Little Rock

Next, 10 minutes after I got my assignment, I called my trainer.. He said he was in bound to Joliet IL and would pick me up in about 4 hours……………Really!!!! Turns out he got side tracked and I did get to spend one more night with Lori, and left about 10 in the morning, Lori got to meet my trainer, Kirk as we left on his brand new Peterbuilt, and then she took a cab to the bus stop and went to wait for her chariot to arrive at the Greyhound bus terminal in Chicago..!! YES we were both a little nervous, and skeptical about what was going on, not quite the way I thought it would pan out but that is what makes it an adventure.

Captain Curk My Trainer from Ohio
Captain Curk My Trainer from Ohio

Lori has been in Little Rock , well actually Clinton AR about 90 minutes north of Little rock, and a town a little smaller than Mound, until now waiting for her trainer to get a few things straightened out before they left. She is doing well, and is a little nervous about heading out today for her first run. She is headed to somewhere in Texas. Please keep her in your prayers. I think the toughest part of my training is worrying about and missing her!!!!

Maybe I can get her to forward onto you how her first trip was

I left on Saturday Morning and Picked up a load and headed to South Bend Indiana, and then back to Chicago, and then onto St Louis. We got there, and dropped off about 2 in the morning, and I spent my first night in a semi truck sleeper……… In the top bunk!

The next day we got up and I drove to Fayetteville or Cape Fear North Carolina, my second day of driving we picked up a semi load of Tide from Proctor and Gamble in St Louis , and I went though the Appalachian mountains and then the Smokey mountains at night….Training by fire I guess, we delivered to a huge walmart distribution center. The next day we sort of slept in and got a late start, mostly because our pick up was late, it was load of goodyear tires from thier factory to delivery to York PA one of their distribution centers. So my second day of training was straight up I 95 on the east coast, through Downtown Richmond Virginia, then DC then Baltimore, man is this guy grabbing these routes just to push me?? It was a fun but nerve racking trip. Yesterday we drove out here to Columbus, and are heading back towards New york today with another load from Proctor and Gamble..

I am actually just sitting here chuckling out loud at the whole situation… I am in a blur, pretty happy excited nervous and worried about Lori, but while it is not exactly what we thought it would be, I really feel like god is watching out for us, and this plan is workiong out exactly the way it should, maybe not exactly how we panned it…. but exactly the way it should.

So all in all, we are both good, I have about 35 hours of my 150 hours done, and Lori is just starting.. We talk a couple of times a day, and miss each other. I know a few of you have talked with Lori as she was pretty nervous about her training, but her trainer picked her up about 3 hours ago, with his wife and kids, So I am thinking that he is a good family guy, and from the country, (Clinton AR) with a slow southern accent, I am reading into that that he is a good old boy, slow and patient with anice lot of respect for women….. Well that is what I am hoping anyway. the point is I know a few of you have already talked to her about this on the phone over the past few days and I just wanted to thank you for your calls and support for her………. All you guys are the best friends and family anyone could ask for..

Well there is the short version of the past 5 days.. We miss you guys and will catch up soon

All our Love

Tom and Lori

PS as a side note to give you some insight on my trainer, we have on board navigation and computers that are pretty amazing, and they can talk to you, so you don’t have to read. Yesterday morning my trainer set everything up so it would talk to me in Spanish!!! Imagine that I get a smart ass jokester as a trainer!!

PSS Lori just called as I was ready to push send, she is in her new truck (or home) for the next month, they are planning on finishing by April 29th.. She says her trainer is a very nice guy, and she is completely comfortable with the situation..

PSSS To Liz…. I took my first truck stop shower, in Charlotte NC not bad, it cost $5 bucks although they will be free in the future once I get some points on my trucker rewards card.. I got a towel and soap, and used ever penny of the 5 bucks in hot water!!!

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