Welcome to our Adventure


Remember the Alamo
Remember the Alamo


We are definitely under construction here, but thanxs for coming in.

What you will find here is actual letters home to family and friends updating them on how our adventure is going.  You can also find picture galleries of our travels under these tabs as well.

All tabs and navigation can be done by clicking the drop downs in the upper right hand corner, or looking at our archives list under the menu page. Look for a drop down arrow at the end of each menu there may be some hidden bonus pages there.

  • You can read a little background on how we got here in About us
  • Notes and Picture Galleries can be found under the: 2014 and 2015 Tabs.
  • Video’s can be found under our video’s tab
  • You can also find where we are and where we have been under the Realtime Tracker
  • For now the easiest thing to do is just surf the site for a while and see what you find,

Make sure to drop us a note, under the comment page. We will respond ASAP

Also feel free to follow us and to like us on Facebook.

Remember, If you heard it from a trucker, and they read it on the internet,

It must be true!

Love Tom and Lori


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